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Hello and welcome to the Filmdust webpage.

You will find us situated in Manchester’s Trafford Park a mere 10 minute drive from Media City and a similar distance from the M60. If you are working in Manchester for the first time or even if it’s your 50th you really should come and see our collection first hand. We offer you free wi-fi usage and ample desk/sofa space for you to use in a hassle free environment, perfect for those wishing to escape the office. We have a 7000 sqft warehouse complex for you to explore made up of vintage propenallia with a small amount of contemporary pieces. I could go on listing endlessly but feel free to view photos on the webpage or look for our page on Facebook to see more.

Our Props

We are always aiming to add to the collection so be sure to drop by regularly even if you are not in work mode and simply just being nosey, you will still be offered the same coffee.

The Filmdust collection is also made up of several concessions, the first being ‘Lyndas Prop Shop everything American’ an extensive range of vintage and contemporary U.S pieces. With the items on display and Lynda’s wealth of American knowledge and resources we will be able to satisfy the keenest of U.S prop hunters. For more information mail us here at FilMDust or visit

Another of our concessions is ‘All science and Medical’. A superb arrangement of scientific and medical instrumentation spanning many different time periods. Fortunately we aren’t just limited to what’s available on the shelves as you will be able to draw on the 50 years of experience collectively through Nick and Bill to answer even the most bizarre of questions. Should you have more enquiries mail us here at FilMDust or visit

A slightly smaller, nevertheless just as involved, department is the neon lighting. We do have a few on display here but we can also offer a bespoke service on request. Please mail us here for more information.

Filmdust and associates aim is to extend our customer service far beyond the shelves by allowing you to draw on the industry experienced professionals of those involved offering you an overall solution to your prop plight.

We look forward to meeting you soon

Greg, Jen, Lynda, Nick and Bill.

Workspace and Storage

The 2000sqft warehouse boasts its own 12ft high roller shutter and front door which are entirely separate from the rest of the Filmdust buildings. Allowing you full access 24/7, independent of Filmdust management. The Unit comes complete with Toilet and Kitchen facilities.


A little bit about us

Greg White started out in Allprops Acton in ’97, it’s during his time there he was able to draw on the knowledge of some of the industries most respected prop masterminds in hire company management. It’s this knowledge Greg is hoping to offer the Manchester production scene.

Future Develpoments

As Manchester seeks to become a media production hub we feel it’s important that there are the facilities to provide for such aspirations. We hope to be able to keep up to date with that very changing shape. So, shortly we will be offering a vintage textile range exclusive to Filmdust, alongside a vintage furniture sales department. Both of these are very much in their infancy and will be fully operational very soon. Be sure to be-friend us on Facebook in order to stay up to date with these and many other changes soon to be taking place.

Greg White and friends

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Units 5-8,
Southfield industrial estate,
Praed rd, Trafford park, M17 1SJ

Tel : 0161 872 9206
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